About Us


We are a team of young entrepreneurs on the mission to make "Howdy" the biggest Fast food brand in the country.

Indians have 100's of options to chose from when we talk about fast food restaurants but is there any 1 fast food brand which we can call truly Indian? Nope, right?

At Howdy, Each and every one of our recipes is time tested and reviewed by hundreds of our real customers and altered to suit the Indian palate. Be it our customised Pizza, the delicious thick milkshakes or The Crispiest fries in the world, our customers fall in love with our food. Thus our tagline " Caution, addictive food! "

"Howdy" was visualised in August 2019 and we opened our first location in Netaji subhash place by the name of "Chaiwala AF" giving away free chai to everyone. We eventually changed our brand name to "Howdy".

"Howdy" will soon be present in every geographical location of the country serving delicious food to all Indian citizens and the world.

Welcome to the 'Howdy Family'. The true Indian Fast food restaurant.